Cheburashkas! You love 'em!

You KNOW you do! The troll dolls don't have a thing on Cheburashkas!

Straight out of a Russian folklore, these adorable toys and dolls are a lot more than cuddly. The Russians at the Olympics are eatin' em up - and throwing 'em on the ice! Get yours today!

Cheburashka comes from a children's story. As it's told, Cheburashka is accidentally packed in a crate of oranges shipped out of Africa to Russia. He goes on to have awesome adventures, and goes to great lengths to make new friends.

At the winter Olympics in Turin, Russian athletes sport little toy Cheburashkas on key rings. When the skating events kicked in, fans were throwing stuffed Cheburashkas onto the ice after their performances at most every event.

Sochi Winter Olympics Medal Standings

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